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So, once upon a time, back in 1988, Emma Thompson had a short-lived TV show in the UK. It was called Thompson, it ran six episodes and was mostly sketch comedy with some random song and dance numbers thrown in. She created the show, I think, definitely wrote for it, and cast pretty much everyone she knew, it seems – her mother, sister, (now ex-) husband, and a variety of friends all appear in it. (more…)


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I watched Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing again last night. I love that movie more every time I watch it.

(If you’re not familiar with the plot of the play, there is a decent [if not well-written] synopsis at Wikipedia. Yes, I’m lazy.)

I have to admit, on the whole this movie is rather theatrically hokey (there’s lots of holding hands and laughing and… frolicking, for lack of a better word), but that’s clearly a choice, and it’s one that grows on me every time I see it. The result is something very innocent and joyful, and it can be very charming. Robert Sean Leonard as Claudio and Kate Beckinsale as Hero play into the hokiness more thant the rest of the cast. They’re not my favourites, I have to say, but given that they’re playing the younger couple it’s not as annoying as it could be. And, really, there’s no way in hell they could possibly be as interesting as Beatrice and Benedick, so it’s just as well they went in a different direction.

Kenneth Branagh, who I always tend to think of as the ego that walks like a man (which may or may not be unfair, I don’t know yet), was wonderful as Benedick; charming, but not at all afraid of letting himself look goofy. And Emma Thompson’s Beatrice is magnificent. Granted she’s working with some excellent source material, but there is no way to watch this movie and not fall in love with her. (more…)

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I worship at the feet of Emma Thompson. She is well-spoken and intelligent and phenomenally talented, and I love just about every movie she’s ever made (except, perhaps, Junior).

She was recently a guest on Desert Island Discs, a British radio show in which they interview celebrities and ask them about which pieces of music they would take with them, should they ever be stranded on a desert island. (more…)

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Generally I’m not a fan of the top 10 list. I never share the same tastes as the list-compiler, and there are just far too many lists around at this time of year. Particularly given this is also the end of the decade.

But I ran across an interesting one on digg.com the other day. The 10 Overlooked Movies from the Decade. (more…)

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